True Sustainability

True Sustainability is not only about efficient buildings. Sustainable design enriches, supports and empowers people; enhancing their lives in our buildings.

We are recognized leaders in sustainable architecture and are the proud recipients of many sustainability awards for some of the most energy-efficient buildings in the country, but low-energy buildings are products of our work, not out motivation. Rather we strive to create the best environments for people; the most comfortable buildings, bathed in natural daylight, adaptable over time and responsive to people’s needs today. Our extensive knowledge of building systems and our practicality has allowed us to design for efficiency, but for us, engineering effectiveness is always at the service of higher goals:  to make people more comfortable, to support productivity, to empower people with personal control of their space and to create buildings with lasting value. This is True Sustainability.


Case Studies

  • sweenyco architects - sun life tower and harbour plaza res - banner - multi
    Sun Life Tower + Harbour Plaza Residences

    Targeting LEED® Platinum certification, the sustainability measures, implemented at Sun Life Tower, reach beyond to include new water conservation methods, grey water reuse in the w/c’s and irrigation, high efficiency light fixtures, photo voltaic solar panels, deep water cooling, robust curtain wall façade, careful sourcing of materials and waste management, as well as the provision of all car parking in a compact, below-grade structure. Due to its efficient underfloor air distribution, building automation controls and other systems mentioned above, Sun Life Tower is expected to achieve an energy performance less than 48% of the energy performance in a traditional office building.

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  • sweenyco architects - telus house toronto - banner - multi
    TELUS House Toronto

    TELUS House Toronto achieved LEED® Gold certification in 2011 and features state-of-the-art technologies that are environmentally responsible, health-conscious, comfortable and economically advantageous. Daylight harvesting, rainwater collection and reuse from an on-site cistern, right down to bicycle storage areas and change rooms for those walking or pedalling to work set new precedents in modern technological sophistication and push the boundaries of the green workplace movement.

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  • sweenyco architects - loblaw companies ltd headquarters - banner - single
    Loblaw Companies Limited Headquarters

    The sustainable design approach, for this project, is founded on a series of strategic decisions relating to site selection, building placement, orientation and massing, which support the goals of flexibility, energy efficiency, human comfort and superior indoor environmental quality. The project features cutting-edge technology that accommodates effective daylight harvesting, raised floor system for the supply of cooling and fresh air, personalized stations, pressurized under-floor plenum and adjustable diffusers, allowing for individual control of air quantity and temperature.




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