Visionary City Building

The future of great cities will demand new solutions to complex problems and success will be measured against quality of life. Existing and future city dwellers will increasingly demand development that significantly adds to their quality of life by reducing car dependency, minimizing commute times, providing much easier, greater access to all that they need and want which ultimately reduces costs. Live, Work, and Play become more integrated. New forms of mixed-use development—with far greater densities—will replace formula-based developments. As a result, quality of life assessment will replace quantitative assessments, slowly exceeding the market’s desires and demands.

We have always incorporated a totally inclusive process of design. All of our interdisciplinary expertise including Architecture, Urban Design, Planning, Interior Design and Real Estate Development (both consulting and developing) inform each project. Additionally, an extremely broad base of our project types (office buildings, multi-residential rental and condominiums, medical facilities, retail, hospitality, master planning and mixed-use developments) have a very unique understanding of how to fully unlock the potential value of land.

We understand the city building and market demands; therefore, are perfectly positioned to embrace change, innovate and drive value as we build better cities.


Case Studies

  • sweenyco-architects-queen-richmond-centre-west-banner-single
    Queen Richmond Centre West

    This highly-anticipated development brings a much needed attention and activation to the intersection of Toronto’s west core. With its new state-of-the-art facilities, QRC-West houses significant offices, increasing pedestrian traffic at the street level and through the complex with an access to a new roof terrace. Moreover, the project enlivens two historic buildings, through an adaptive re-use approach, animated through a significant atrium/retail complex at grade.

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  • sweenyco - waterfront innovation centre - 01 page banner
    Waterfront Innovation Centre

    Waterfront Innovation Centre is community-minded and community-oriented. A publically accessible route runs through the building and connects the public with all the functions of the building including restaurants, cafes, presentation and theatre space, conference facilities and a public rooftop terrace that is accessible through an open atrium. At the ground level, storefront galleries and retail units on all sides of the building will strengthen the public realm and build a sense of community at a pedestrian scale. These strategies will provide vitality to the entire facility and offer the public a forum for engagement with this exciting part of the city.

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