25 Liberty

25 Liberty is the next generation of innovative, leading edge workplace environment set in Toronto’s largest centre of creativity and entrepreneurship – Liberty Village. A stunning 300,000 square foot commercial space designed to provide freedom from convention and space to innovate.

  • Overview

    Client: The Fueling Station
    Size: 300,000 sf
    Completion: In development
    Our Role: Architecture, Planning
    Expertise: Mixed-use Development, Heritage

  • Description

    The Workplace

    This high-performance complex goes beyond LEED Platinum requirements – 25 Liberty features outdoor terraces, raised floor HVAC system, 11’0” floor-to-ceiling glass windows, daylight harvesting, glare reduction operable windows, occupant-controlled temperature and air, plug-and-play in-floor voice, data and power distribution, as well as flexible floor plates.

    These design elements make 25 Liberty the ultimate choice of space to optimize for employee productivity, performance and comfort.


    Its breathtaking atrium features a soaring 70′ ceiling with a unique cantilever system that allows us to combine the old with the new.