President’s Choice Financial Services

Partners-in-charge: Dermot Sweeny and Mary Jane Finlayson

The completion of TELUS House Toronto led to an interior project to design a custom-fitted office space for the President’s Choice Financial® MasterCard® and the PC® Points rewards program at the 6th and 7th floor of the building. TELUS House Toronto, one of the first office towers built in Toronto’s South Core, has been designed and constructed in collaboration with Menkes Developments, Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP) and Halcyon Partners to offer progressive tenants a superior workplace. The interior project for President’s Choice Financial Services (PCFS) resulted in a highly functional, tailored office that accommodates their team and operation.

  • Location
  • Description

    President’s Choice Financial Services (PCFS) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Loblaw Companies Limited and includes the President’s Choice Financial® MasterCard® and the PC® points rewards program. It is a unique financial and banking services provided by the direct banking division of CIBC. The building, TELUS House, was chosen by them for its design, execution, and location. The green (LEED® Gold Certification), modern, cutting-edge features of the building are reflections of PCFS’s brand. They play a role in solidifying the PCFS brand and differentiating its business model in the market.

  • Design Approach

    The main challenge was to determine how to respond effectively to the available space in the building—slightly below the target area indicated by the programme—with the Bank in a state of growth. We had to develop a strategy to accommodate the potential, anticipated expansions. To do this, our team reworked their program and redefined their notion of the standard workstation to incorporate a “benching” style. The bench provided a more efficient layout for the work areas. We, as a result, able to provide everyone with the same amount of desk and storage space, while accommodating the future growth. In today’s offices the employees are at their workstation for less that 25% of the day and so, in our office interior projects, we have learned to put more emphasis on the quality and quantity of shared collaborative space and less on the “personal real estate” of a workstation. Therefore, we provided suites of meeting areas and a much-enhanced café/informal meeting commons that provide more opportunities for collaboration during the work day at a more casual, yet business-like, environment.