Spectrum Square

Spectrum Square embodies the evolution of a High-performace Workplace. A carefully master-planned corporate community, this highly desirable new development in Mississauga, Ontario combines the “office park” and the “restaurant campus”, bringing food and service amenities in close proximity to office employees.

  • Overview

    Client: Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP)
    Size: 1.1M s.f., 60,000 s.f.
    Completion: Phase 1: Q1 2015 / Phase 2: Q2 2017 /The Eatery: Q4 2014
    Our Role: Architecture, Interior Design, Planning
    Expertise: Mixed-use Development, Sustainable Suburbs




  • Location
  • Description

    A 1.3 million square foot LEED® Gold office campus, Spectrum Square, is a superior hybrid model for High-performance Workplace developments. It achieves a higher standard for sustainability, accessibility and livability in the suburban context. By focusing more on the functionality and conviviality aspects of sustainable developments, the project integrates restaurants, in close proximity to offices; lengthening the activity on-site beyond regular working hours which benefits the complex as well as the neighbouring clusters of offices. This mixed-use approach will allow employees in surrounding offices to remain on site, which:

    • Reduces carbon emissions by eliminating or vastly decreasing the requirement to travel for food;
    • Increases the viability of alternative modes of travel including transit, car-sharing or cycling due to proximity of rapid transit;
    • Allows for the integration and reduction of overall parking provided on-site, as fewer trips are generated; and,
    • Reduces the traffic impact on surrounding roads by decreasing the frequency and the total number of trips generated, particularly midday, but also in modal options of arrival/departure.
  • Context

    Spectrum Square is located south of Pearson International Airport and Hwy 401, in Mississauga, along the new MiWay bus rapid transit.

    Mississauga’s Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project will also provide more efficient and more reliable east-west transit service on a dedicated corridor. This 18 kilometre BRT will have 12 stations beginning at Winston Churchill Boulevard in the west and ending at Renforth Drive in the east. Spectrum Square integrates a BRT stop right on site (Spectrum Station), and, therefore, accommodates for faster and easier commute from and through Mississauga and across the region.

  • Design Approach

    The design for Spectrum Square, as a mixed-use development, reaches beyond the conventional models of office buildings where human experience, health and comfort are the focus. It successfully combines the “office park” and the “restaurant campus” by integrating office buildings with a robust food and shop offering on-site in a pedestrian-only area with outdoor patios and public landscaped square in the centre.

    Traffic circulation has been carefully designed to accommodate pedestrians as well as vehicles throughout the site. Travellers arriving at the BRT station on the south-west corner will find safe passage to the offices by way of clear wayfinding signage throughout the site.

  • Sustainability Features

    The buildings on the north of the site are targeting to achieve LEED® Gold performance. The strategies that have been employed to ensure the sustainability of Spectrum Square include:

    Increase Employee Comfort – Operable windows and 14” raised floor air conditioning with individual controls pump fresh air into the office and increase employee productivity.

    Reduce Harmful Toxins – Non-VOC construction materials are used and the space is later “flushed” to eliminate odours from new materials. This ensures that there is superior clean indoor air quality through indoor chemical and pollutant source control.

    Reduce Costs – All tenant voice, data and electrical cables are delivered through the 14” raised floor. The pressurized floor eliminates costly in-ceiling VAV boxes and ducting. All in all, this system can provide tenants with a substantial reduction in leasehold improvement costs compared to traditional buildings.

    Reduced Absenteeism – Companies can significantly reduce their costs and increase their bottom line by reducing the number of sick days per year by just one (per employee).

    Views for All – Greater access to natural light with 11’ high ceilings and 10’8” high clear glass windows.

    Harness the Sun – Exterior light shades and internal light shelves reduce the amount of sun directly penetrating the space by reflecting the light back into the space.

    Save Energy – Glare free indirect lights with light sensors provide a comfortable environment while saving energy.

    Increase Productivity – Proximity to natural light, greater occupancy control over light levels and less glare means more productive staff.