TELUS House Toronto

Architect: Adamson Associates Architects
Collaborating Architect: Sweeny &Co Architects Inc.

TELUS Communications is a leading telecom company that recognizes the importance of architecture as a significant competitive advantage. In 2005, they had a vision to maximize the potential value of consolidating more than 2,000 employees in an all-new building. With budgets set and zoning in place, we worked closely with TELUS and Menkes Development, as well as Adamson Associates to deliver a world-class High-performance Workplace tower: TELUS House Toronto.

Advanced, sophisticated and smart building technology as well as a tenant-oriented design resulted in a progressive workplace that continues to be high in demand. Inside, The TELUS Hosting and Innovation Centres have become integral to the success of the buildings as a whole, informing the public spaces and architecture.

“The TELUS Tower raises the bar for environmental responsibility and energy efficiency, thanks to Sweeny&Co’s significant knowledge and experience in advanced green building practices…Sweeny&Co bridged the various stakeholders’ needs, creating high quality working environments and operating cost efficiencies. They demonstrated innovation and commitment in meeting our program needs within rigorous budget parameters.”

Trish Clarry
Former Executive Director, Real Estate, TELUS Communications Co.


  • Overview

    Clients: Menkes Developments, TELUS Communications
    Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP)
    Completion: 2010
    Size: 30 storeys; 780,000 s.f.
    Our Role: Architecture, Interior Design (Hosting/Innovation Centre), Sustainability
    LEED®: CS Gold, EB:OM Platinum
    Notable Awards:
    2011 Toronto Urban Design Award
    2010 Design Exchange Award
    2010 NAIOP REX Award: Office Development
    2007 NAIOP REX Award: Office Lease of the Year


  • Location
  • Description

    TELUS House Toronto, formerly Union Tower, is a 32-storey office tower at 25 York Street, on the south side of the traditionally defined Financial District of Toronto. The anchor tenant, TELUS Communications, occupies 60% of the rentable area while the rest is fully leased to other businesses and retailer. The tower is co-owned by the Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP) and Menkes Development and is the first major office development south of the railway tracks in more than a decade. Located in the heart of downtown, linked directly to both the Air Canada Centre and Union Station, this building not only brings together 2,000 of the company’s employees (previously dispersed across the Greater Toronto Area), but it also serves as a milestone achievement in energy conservation, environmental leadership, embracing human well-being.

  • Context

    Sitting amid Toronto’s skyline, this High-performance Workplace tower is located at the corner of York Street and Bremner Boulevard—the former brownfield railway lands, just south of Union Station. It is connected to the Toronto PATH network of underground pedestrian passageways and is visible from the Toronto Waterfront. Adjacent to Air Canada Centre and Maple Leaf Square, the TELUS House Toronto is situated in a sought-after and highly active area of the city.

  • Design Approach

    A High-performance Workplace tower, TELUS House Toronto employed the latest innovation in Office Design and state-of-the-art technology to offer its tenants, users and occupants a desirable place to work. Setting a new precedent, the design accommodates for flexible, open space complete with fresh-air control, high-performance windows, and access to natural lighting. A gourmet kitchen where staff can prepare meals, rooftop garden patios and a fitness and wellness centre, a prayer room and massage and physiotherapy rooms are some of the attractions that make the offices seem more similar to boutique hotel than traditional office space. All furniture is formaldehyde free, including carpeting to reduce volatile organic compounds.

    The glass curtain walls resemble an extended glass sign-frame while a series of black boxes with varying sizes and translucencies accent the building at the base. French limestone walls announce the entrance to Union Station. Inside the main concourse is the Pixel Matrix, a chandelier of moving colour pixels by Michael Awad and David Rokeby. It is installed above Awad’s extended photograph of people rushing past Union Station, placed in front of a tunnel to this notable station. In the TELUS House lobby, visitors can take in the grandeur of soaring granite 30-foot walls, the dramatic skyway overhead leading to the TELUS Innovation Centre and glamorous Hosting Centre—two facilities that express themselves on the exterior as black boxes.

    At the ground floor, we created a fully contiguous space with 30′ clear height; no longer residual retail space but a massive opportunity for TELUS to engage the public. As a result, retail grew into a significant communications opportunity. Institutions such as the Science Centre and the Royal Conservatory of Music took centre stage within the public areas, and the TELUS Café on the newly created Union Square was born.

  • Sustainability Features

    The project achieved LEED® Gold certification in 2011, featuring state-of-the-art technologies that are environmentally responsible, health-conscious, comfortable and economically advantageous. Daylight harvesting, rainwater collection and reuse from an on-site cistern, right down to bicycle storage areas and change rooms for those walking or pedalling to work. It set new precedents in modern technological sophistication and push the boundaries of the green High-performance Workplace movement.