Union Centre

Union Centre is set to rise on Toronto’s skyline. This new High-performance Workplace tower, in development by Allied Properties REIT, is designed to maximize productivity, making it uniquely beneficial for tenants who choose to locate themselves in Toronto’s financial core. Located immediately west of Union Station—Canada’s most active transit hub—Union Centre will be a connected and convenient workplace, complete with advanced state-of-the-art, smart systems and features.

The culmination of iconic form, striking visibility, and comprehensive amenities, Union Centre is designed specifically for today’s highly sophisticated and forward-thinking businesses. With a mandate for excellence in sustainability, it will not only provide exceptional energy efficiency but will also offer an environment that is focused on human comfort, health and productivity.

  • Overview

    Client: Allied Properties REIT
    Size: 45 floors; an estimated 1,070,000 s.f. of rentable office space
    Status: In-Progress

  • Location
  • Description

    Union Centre encompasses the design principles and qualities that are needed for an ideal High-performance Workplace. A flexible and technologically-advanced working environment, it will offer its future tenants a safe, healthy, comfortable, durable, and accessible home. The occupants will be accommodated with specific spaces and equipment ranging from elegant selections of interior finishes and art installations in the lobby to a holistic Wellness Centre.

    Union Centre, is designed to enrich human experience and enhance productivity for today’s businesses. The iconic form of the tower will be strikingly visible in the city with a prominent and lasting exposure from the financial core, creating a distinguished figure on the Toronto skyline. It is uniquely located to provide branding opportunities on all four sides: Union Centre terminates University Avenue, faces the financial core, and is visible from Union Station, Gardiner Expressway, and Roundhouse Park. Connected to Canada’s busiest transportation hub, the grand building lobby is the anchor to a new pedestrian urban plaza that connects York Street, Skywalk, UP Express Airport Rail Link to Union Centre.


  • Context

    A prominently positioned High-performance Workplace tower in Toronto’s Financial Core, Union Centre is directly connected to Union Station, and, as a result, to PATH, TTC, GO, VIA Rail, and UP Express. With the recent investments in the development of downtown Toronto and its transit systems, the location of Union Centre proves to be an opportunity, making it a hub for access and connectivity.

  • Design Approach

    The design of Union Centre places human comfort and environmental sustainability at the forefront of its design imperative. It offers a comfortable, healthy workplace—without additional cost—by creating better interior quality, and providing personal control of the environment. Setting a new precedent, Union Centre will be the example of integrated sustainability, user comfort and practical value in an office space. Flexible and adjustable, the state-of-the-art technology allows individualized control over the temperature and configurations of the workstations.

    The building is designed to easily and economically accommodate frequent reconfigurations demanded by churn. The standard modular raised floor system offers unparalleled flexibility. It allows for easy access to cabling and power distribution, as well as advanced air distribution capabilities to address individual occupant with personal HVAC control. Floor panels can also get relocated and reconfigured without skilled trades or waste. Designed with plug-and-play floors (power, data, voice wiring), Union Centre, allows for daily flexibility, as well as simple and cost-efficient future reorganization of office workstations. Furthermore, column-free core to glass office space eliminates planning obstructions for more efficient and more flexible interior planning.

  • Smart Technology

    Union Centre is an automated, responsive and digital (fully IP-addressable) High-performance Workplace. Setting a new benchmark for future office buildings, it incorporates advanced, state-of-the-art technology for monitoring, managing and controlling the security, communications, energy consumption, mechanical, electrical, lighting, and HVAC systems of the building. It will also allow the occupants to have digital connection and control at their individual workstations through a fully customizable and scalable system.

    The smart features, ultimately, help to reduce the operating costs and utility consumption through:

    • Optimized cooling and ventilation equipment;
    • Matching occupancy patterns to energy use;
    • Proactive maintenance of equipment through algorithmic analyses;
    • Superior and secure communications systems; and,
    • Dynamic power consumption.
  • Sustainability Features

    Union Centre is designed to exceed energy efficiency and LEED® Platinum standards. A High-performance Workplace tower, Union Centre will integrate advanced building systems to reduce energy consumption, and a well-designed, comfortable, healthy environment to increase productivity. It will also target an Energy Star® score in order to be amongst the most efficient office environments, and mostly capital cost neutral compared to the existing buildings.

    There are a number of strategies that have been implemented and considered to increase energy efficiency and the conservation of resources, including:

    • A high-performance glazing envelope with low-E thermal coatings to reduce solar heat gain;
    • Energy-efficient Electrical/Mechanical Equipment;
    • Rain water cistern and grey-water plumbing systems;
    • Low-flow electronically controlled washroom fixtures; and,
    • High recycled content target for building components.
    • Individual occupant control of temperature, lighting, and fresh air;
    • Greater access and use of fresh air;
    • Flush grille perimeter heating;
    • Fully IP-addressable indirect lighting;
    • Underfloor plug-and-play voice/data/power distribution; and,
    • Unparalleled, maximum natural light penetration and visual connectivity to the exterior with 11′-0” high floor-to-ceiling vision glass.